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Catalog Printing by Kay Printing

For many businesses catalogs are can be one of the most essential components used to marketing products or services to both existing as well as prospective customers. There’s something emotionally satisfying about the tactile experience of flipping through the pages of a catalog. From being able circle the products Direct Mail Catalogyou like with a pen to sharing a product image with a spouse or friend, perusing a printed catalog is a much more personal experience than scrolling through a webpage. And it’s that very experience that allows catalogs to have a stronger influence on purchase decisions than websites or TV ads. A full 72% of people surveyed said that catalogs make them more interested in that retailer’s products, and 84% have purchased an item after seeing it in a catalog. And when it comes to acquiring new customers, catalogs remain a tremendously effective acquisition vehicle. One popular men’s clothing retailer reported that 20% of its website’s first-time customers are placing an order after having received a catalog. And they are spending one-and-a-half times as much as new shoppers who didn’t receive a catalog first.

Catalogs are a tried-and-true marketing vehicle that has stood the test of time.  The recent resurgence in the popularity of catalogs speaks volumes about their value and long-term viability. In fact, recent studies indicate that about 59% of multichannel marketers have increased their catalog circulation from prior years, indicating a big return to having catalogs play a major role in marketing campaigns.

Since your catalog is very often the first impression of your products that a customer will see, a well-designed combined with high quality printing is vitally important. When it comes time to print your catalog, you’ll want to think about the following printing options:

  • Printing Method
  • Paper Stock
    • Coated
    • Uncoated
  • Catalog Size
  • Binding method
    • Saddle Stitched
    • Perfect Bound
    • Wiro or Spiral Bound
  • Cover Coatings
    • Lamination (Satin, Matte, Gloss, Soft Touch)
    • UV (Satin, Matte, Gloss)

Whether you need just a short run of catalogs for the near term or you want to run a large quantity for a mailing, Kay Printing has the capability to accommodate any catalog printing requests. As a family-owned New Jersey based printing company, we will work with you to ensure your catalogs are an effective marketing tool for your company.

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