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Custom Calendar Printing

Custom Printed Calendars are an effective and economical way to ensure your business or brand is exposed to by multitude of people on a daily basis. When you contrast how many people are reminded about your business, product or brand every day to the affordability of calendar printing, it‘s easy to see that distributing custom calendars is one of the least expensive ways to promote your business.

One of the reasons that calendars are such valuable promotional tool is that paper wall calendars are still extremely popular in homes and businesses.  In fact, a recent survey revealed that nearly two-thirds of Americans still use printed calendars for organizing their events.  Of course, the better the design of your calendar the more likely it is to be used and seen all year long.

First Calendar Wins The Race!

In general, the first calendar to arrive in the new year is the one most likely to kept and used for the next 12 months. So, start your annual calendar design early to ensure that it arrives ahead of your competitions’ calendars.

Calendars are a great way to make ensure your brand is seen every day!

Distributing annual promotional calendars to customers is a powerful way to gain year-long brand exposure and keep your company “top of mind”.

At Kay Printing we have the capability to use either our high-quality digital presses for smaller quantity run lengths or our fleet of offset presses which are more economical on larger quantity runs.

Benefits of using a custom-printed calendar to promote your business

1) Promotes Brand Awareness – a custom printed calendar is an effective vehicle for promoting your brand message. Consider including photos of your facility, your products and key personnel in your calendar design as a way to personalize and reinforce your brand value

2) Builds Goodwill – Everyone loves a free gift; it says you care. Creating goodwill with your customers encourages brand loyalty and makes them feel good about doing business with you. Goodwill also increases the likelihood that customers will refer other business to you, which helps ensure the long-term success of your business.

3) It’s Useful – We all need a way to keep our schedules organized. A printed calendar is a useful tool that just about everybody uses on a regular basis.

4) Provides Continuous Exposure – A wall calendar hung up in January will provide 12 months of exposure to your brand message.

5) It’s Tangible – Unlike email or a PDF, a printed calendar is a tangible object that typically is hung in a highly visible location for all to see. It will not be relegated to a junk folder where it will never be seen. A calendar may be old school but it works!

7) Economical – Custom printed calendars very inexpensive to produce making them one of the most cost effective promotional tools available to businesses.

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