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Booklet Printing Services From Kay Printing

Like many other printing terms, the word “Booklet” is sometimes used to cover a wide range of book types. A booklet can be perfect bound, saddle stitched, or wiro/spiral bound and is printed in a wide range of sizes.

Kay Printing is the New York City Metro area leader in custom booklet printing. We offer an almost endless variety of paper choices, cover materials and bindery options to choose from. Whatever your booklet printing needs, Kay Printing can provide you with the highest quality, professional look and feel you need with the best quality and the best price.

Booklet Printing & Binding Options

After you’ve got your booklet design nailed down the next two decisions you’ll need to make are what kind of paper (coated vs uncoated and weight) you’d like to print on and what type of binding will work best for your booklet.  For people not familiar with the printing process sometimes start to get overwhelmed with all the options available with booklet printing.  Your Kay sales rep can be a very helpful resource in explaining all your options and recommending what choices will give you the best end results.

The next big decision that needs to made is whether to print your booklets on an offset press (Kay has 8 Heidelberg offset presses) or on a digital Wide shot of Kay Printing Press Roompress (Kay has HP Indigo presses).  The quantity of finished booklets you require will play a big role in deciding which type of printing process is appropriate for your project.  Offset printing is usually reserved for large print runs because it requires the upfront cost (and time) of making metal plates.  Digital printing on the other hand is best suited for shorter runs lengths (typically 1,000 books or less) because there isn’t the upfront cost for plates and it also has the additional benefit of faster turnaround.  The key thing to remember is that as the run length increases the cost per unit keeps going down when using offset printing.  With digital printing the unit costs stay relatively the same regardless of run length.

Some other booklet printing options include die-cutting, embossing or the addition of tabs to categorize your booklet into organized sections.  And finally we can print custom envelopes should you plan to put your booklets in the mail.

A professionally designed booklet when combined with high quality printing creates a very powerful marketing tool for your business.  In an era where customers are bombarded by hundreds of emails and social media many businesses are discovering that many customers respond better to a physical booklet rather than electronic content.  More and more studies are showing that printed marketing materials tend to outperform digital when it comes to reading comprehension, recall, emotional impact and persuasiveness.  High quality printed booklets will engage your customers and position your business or brand in a positive and professional light.

How to Print a Booklet in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Finalize the design your booklet.
  2. Select the type of paper most appropriate for your booklet.
  3. Consider which style of binding will work best with your booklet size.
  4. Decide whether offset printing or digital printing is the best option for the quantity of booklets you’ll be printing and how quickly you need them printed.
  5. Consider whether you want to use any enhancements on the cover such as embossing, foil stamping, etc.
  6. Upload your files and approve a proof and we’ll take it from there!

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