Green Printing

Green Printing

  • Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®
  • Soy inks
  • Recycling

Kay Printing is committed to bringing you the most environmentally friendly services available in printing today ­ with no compromise on service, quality and price. When you print with us, every order saves trees, conserves energy, and reduces toxins in our air and water.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)

The FSC is a global organization which sets standards for guiding and coordinating the development of responsible forest management throughout the different biogeographic regions of the world. The FSC’s principles and criteria span economic, social, and environmental concerns and its measures are implemented through a variety of certifications. Look for our FSC® certified products.

FSC Paper

Soy Inks

Soy-based ink is an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum or oil-based inks. Soy inks reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission and aid in paper recycling (Soy ink is removed easier from paper during the recycling process). They spread approximately 15% further than oil based inks, reducing ink usage and they clean up faster, which means they are using less chemicals. They actually provide an additional benefit that does not have anything to do with the environment. We have found soy inks to produce brighter and more vibrant colors.

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Recycling paper is not just about waste paper, although we do recycle nearly all of our waste paper. We offer a host of paper brands that contain upward to 100% recyclable paper which can be recycled up to 7 times. Our recycling commitment also includes all of our printing plates and wooden skids and pallets.

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